Jul 25, 2022 Ben Coumerilh

Good Day Kansas Segment

Did you see this weekend’s Good Day Kansas segment about Goodland Tech? KSN’s Jillian Carroll came out for a tour of Goodland Tech and interviewed Ben Coumerilh about growth of the team here in Goodland and the Crypto Apprenticeship Program.

Ben shared how Goodland Tech was built to transform the lives of motivated people – educating, training, and building modern work teams around Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 technologies in historically agricultural communities.

Gone are the days when you had to head off to Silicon Valley to build the future. The path to possible is right here in Kansas. Goodland Tech and Northwest Tech are training the next generation of cryptocurrency software developers.

Don’t miss our virtual information sessions or look for us at an event near you. The team is also always accessible via phone [785-734-0839] or email [hello@goodland.tech].

Published by Ben Coumerilh July 25, 2022
Ben Coumerilh