Feb 25, 2023 Ben Coumerilh

Ben Coumerilh from Goodland Tech joins the Uncovering Kansas Podcast

Setting Kansas up to succeed in the future means diversifying into industries that have not traditionally been associated with our state. In this episode of Uncovering Kansas, Goodland Tech, located in Goodland, Kansas, shares how we are doing exactly that. 

Ben Coumerilh, a founder of Goodland Tech joins the Uncovering Kansas host Rachel Berbiglia to speak on this topic. Rachel met Ben at the Ad Astra Technology conference back in September in Wichita and came together to create a conversation together on Uncovering Kansas.

Uncovering Kansas enjoys highlighting Kansas companies that are having an impact outside of Kansas. Goodland Tech is not only doing that, but we are also working to change some of the fundamental issues that are currently being faced in Kansas. 

We are losing people to other states because of jobs. We are unable to fill all of the jobs we have in Kansas because of a lack of the correct skills. We are in the process of transitioning into a state with a vibrant technology industry.

GoodlandTech is a Kansas company that is addressing all of these huge challenges at once with our business model. 

"I always enjoy my conversations with our guests, but this one is really close to my heart because we talk about a topic I’m passionate about. I hope you enjoy it as well." -Rachel Berbiglia

Published by Ben Coumerilh February 25, 2023
Ben Coumerilh