Mar 17, 2023 Ben Coumerilh

Good Just Got Better. Welcome to Goodland Tech

This is a big day. This is when Goodland Tech shows the world more of what we can do. Since 2017, we’ve delivered good. Now we’re making it better. 

With every new person, community, and company we work with, we’re making an even greater impact on the places we come from. We’re propelling innovation, elevating eager minds, and rewriting the futures of individuals, businesses, and communities. Our new brand launch is all about charting a more ambitious path to possible—and we’re thrilled you’re here for it.

For students seeking new opportunities and exciting challenges, Goodland Tech has so much to offer. With courses and hands-on training in cutting-edge Bitcoin, Crypto, and Web 3.0 technologies, our programs are building a workforce that will transform the future. We’re proud to offer five specializations in Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Blockchain, DevOps, and Product Design & Project Management to educate the innovators of tomorrow. 

Make no mistake—even though our look has changed, our values are stronger than ever. We trust in the raw talent in the communities we work in because they’re our communities. We’re humbled by the support we’ve received in our own paths to success, and are eager to reinvest in the people who helped us. That’s why we’re partnering with local organizations including Northwest Kansas Technical College to make meaningful and relevant training and career paths an option for more people. Whether it’s Kansas, or other areas like West Virginia, and Puerto Rico (in process), we show up for folks so that they can access the opportunities that they deserve.

It's not only about individuals for us. Goodland means better for business, too. Tech companies are hurting for talent. We’ve created a powerful way to shore up the gap between the skills people have and what companies need. We’re making it easier to access affordable teams, instead of having to hire individually. And we’re delivering the expertise and the hands-on experience that will drive competitive advantage. 

With that, we’re bringing good to more communities, as well. We’ve established programs in places that have long worked hard to fuel this country’s growth. With Goodland Tech, we’re helping make sure they continue to reap the rewards. We’re bringing individuals, organizations, and communities together around new workforce possibilities because we believe that together we can create a better world that works for everyone.

So, whether you’re a prospective student, a community looking for revitalization, or a business executive in need of smart tech talent, Goodland Tech has something for you.  Our future-focused career generator is transforming the lives of motivated people, the destiny of struggling communities, and the trajectories of growing technology companies. We’re changing the world one individual, organization, and town at a time. And we’re making it possible to go further, faster, while never leaving home. This is the best of all worlds. This is the Path to Possible.

 We’re there with you every step of the way - 

Ben and Richard

Read about our logo and visual transformation here.

Published by Ben Coumerilh March 17, 2023
Ben Coumerilh