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Grow your earning potential. Tap into the latest tech opportunities right from familiar communities. And earn while you’re learning coding, Crypto, AI, software development, and more. Goodland Tech transforms the search for a job into a cutting-edge career path with global companies, hot trending technologies, and great salaries—all in places you’d want to live.

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Practicum → Apprenticeship → Employment. Your path to great is that simple.


Technical education

Technical education begins at partner Technical College




Technical education + workplace practicum for college credit.




Paid full-time apprenticeship earning $40,000 – $65,000.




Paid full-time employment; following year four, qualifying students get hired at a target salary of $70,000 – $110,000+

Two-year degrees, three years of work experience, and high-paying positions.

Get good, today.

We select participants who are independent yet strong collaborators. You must be motivated to succeed, flexible, open minded, and excited for a career in software development for the new era.

Careers on the cutting edge are closer than you think.

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Is Goodland Tech a degree program, an internship, a job, or something else?

It’s all three and then some. Students who work with Goodland Tech receive the benefit of an accredited degree program through Northwest Kansas Technical College (NWKTC), part of which includes real-world, on-the-job training for course credit.

Students will be able to choose from five key paths for their career, which include: Front-end Development, Back-end Development, Blockchain Development, DevOps, Product Design and Project Management.

Once finished with the two-year educational program and on-the-job practicum, Goodland Tech places students in paid apprenticeships where they earn $40,000 – $65,000 annually working on cutting-edge technology projects. After four years, students can expect ongoing full-time employment earning $70,000 – $110,000. The Innovation Center’s involvement is an endorsement of what we’re doing: bringing incredible educational and professional opportunities to Northwest Kansas, and other developing regions

What would I learn in this program?

Our programs teach students core knowledge that is fundamental to developing software and building applications. Cloud computing and blockchain is not a fad. A graduate of NWKTC’s Cloud & Crypto Computing program would graduate with foundational knowledge that is central to projects that modern companies need.

Our program’s coursework and integrated internships teach students what they actually need to know to succeed as a developer in the modern technical corporation. From object-oriented programming, to Swift Programming, to design and development principles and more, the curriculum is a rock-solid foundation for anyone hoping to have skills that are in demand at technology or financial institutions that are building world-changing applications.

Beyond the core curriculum, students can specialize in one of five cloud and crypto computing subspecialties:

  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Dev ops
  • Blockchain
  • Product design & project management

Think of these as a “major” that students would traditionally pursue at a four-year university. However, instead of wasting time on theoretical content, NWKTC students participating in the Goodland Tech program can achieve both the foundational and specialized technical knowledge required to succeed in only two years.

Importantly, while all graduates will understand technology, not everyone will spend their days programming. This program is designed for those who are creative, those who love organizing projects and information, and those who are passionate about leading teams. Choosing a pathway is a student’s way of matching his/her interests with the variety of professional opportunities in this field.

How does the NWKTC program differ from a four-year degree program?

A traditional four-year college spends a lot of time teaching foundational courses and learnings unrelated to a student’s eventual career. The Cloud & Crypto Computing program, like many two-year educational programs, dives into a curriculum with practical, real-world education and skills that are in-demand from employers. Coupled with Goodland Tech’s apprenticeship and employment opportunities, participants will gain infinitely more real-world experience and be set up for a lucrative career.

Does it really pay to live and work in Goodland, Kansas? Will my life be better?

“Better” is relative, of course. Some people love their rural communities and don’t want to leave. At Goodland Tech, we’re making it possible to earn big city incomes while enabling people to remain in the communities and be part of the culture that they love. So, whether it’s “better” to live in Goodland is a matter of personal preference.

But what isn’t a debate is the economic opportunity for anyone going through Goodland Tech’s program. Our target post-apprenticeship salaries ($70,000 – $110,000) are double that of the average salary in Goodland, Kansas. That level of pay affords people the freedom to make choices that they couldn’t otherwise make–start a family, invest more, travel, pay off your home early, and more.

Consider just that last example: as of this writing, estimates that the average home in Goodland costs $167,300. That would result in an average monthly payment of $890 for thirty years. With the higher salary, someone from our program could easily afford to make double payments, which could mean owning one’s house free and clear by age 30!

So, maybe the question above was the wrong one to ask. Let’s just put it this way: if you’re the kind of person who wants to live in Goodland, Kansas, having in-demand skills that lead to a higher income will absolutely make your life better.

Where will I be working after completing the first year, second year, and beyond?

This will vary based on your interests and the projects available when you’re ready for the practicum, internship, or employment. Our co-founder worked with financial institutions and those focused on security and cryptography, areas that will are broadly available.

Consider that a student specializing in back-end development and one more interested in project management would hold very different roles but could still work for similar companies. Both might work for a large bank developing a decentralized financial application—the former spending days coding behind the scenes to ensure that an application’s logic is correct and the latter interfacing between different personnel to organize the overall project.

What happens if I decide that I don’t want to work in crypto, Blockchain, or cloud computing: will this program have been a waste?

In a word, no. The world is changing, and technical development is changing with it: there are flourishing employment opportunities for anyone looking to enter these industries. However, the program’s foundation includes underlying technical principles that have stood the test of time and will serve anyone well if they wish to switch careers. The NWKTC curriculum teaches things like object-oriented programming and Swift programming, as well as design and development principles.

Seeding the future.

We've partnered with Northwest Kansas Technical College (NWKTC) in Goodland, Kansas, to develop the Cloud & Crypto Computing program, which teaches in-demand skills through hands-on classroom learning and workplace practicum.

Unlike a four-year degree that can have many peripheral classes, the Program is designed to teach the knowledge and skills required to succeed in next-gen careers. Students emerge from the program qualified for careers in decentralized finance, blockchain, gaming, AI, and other growing industries.



Northwest Tech offers high-demand technical degrees and certificates in the latest and greatest career fields.

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