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With the competition for high-quality technical candidates accelerating in this modern era, companies need a cost-effective recruiting plan to keep up with growing demand. Goodland Tech is a strategic workforce development solution that creates large teams of technical talent in emerging regional communities.

Strategic workforce development as a competitive advantage

Deepen your talent pool and build a more consistent workforce by tapping into our unprecedented access to energized and growing communities.

We solve short- and long-term business problems by building a continuous pipeline of affordable, trained technical talent with little risk to the enterprise.

Goodland Tech provides development, acquisition, and flow of onshore talent in rural and redeveloping regions. We set up programs with educators, foundations, and governments to streamline and derisk the opportunity to meet America in their communities.

Participants learn how to work effectively in modern development environments: they are trained not just in the technologies shaping the future but also in how to engage as a team to complete projects efficiently.

Companies that hire Goodland Tech teams aren't putting ads out on a job board and hoping the right people come along.  Rather, they're tapping into a flow of skilled professionals who are excited and motivated by being able to work as a team in the communities they grew up in.

How we work

Requirement collection

  • Business problem
  • Location strategy
  • Team objectives
  • Base skills
  • Tools
  • Domain space


  • High-school grads
  • Tech/college grads
  • Tech/attendees
  • People in transition

Candidate Training

  • Workplace training
  • Paid internships
  • Apprenticeships

Candidate Conversion

  • Hired by Goodland
  • All equipment and
    expenses included
Candidate Hire
  • Hired by the
    customer directly
  • Goodland support
    in ongoing efforts
    and office housing
    for employees

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How long to get up and running and what size teams can you build?

We can typically ramp teams of 12 into a project within an 8-week time period. Larger teams and partnerships usually scale over time based on the partner's needs, but we have the capacity and flow to provide teams of several hundred.

How do I get the skills I need?

We have worked with participating colleges and employers to design an educational program that teaches the technical skills required to succeed. However, unlike traditional 4-year programs, GT students participate in built-in workplace practicum and internship experiences with real tech companies.

Guided by our mentors (developers themselves) they learn not just the technical skills, but also the real-world workplace processes required to be successful as part of a development team. Thus, employers working with GT aren't hoping that an individual has the skills they need; rather, they develop a relationship with teams and know from actual work that an individual and/or team has the skills necessary to be successful in their environment.

Whose employees are they?

Goodland Tech has designed our processes to maximize client flexibility and desires.  A typical arrangement would involve students engaging with a company as part of their education, then transitioning into employees of Goodland Tech while working in a contract capacity with a client.  The company would then choose if/when to convert a team member to a full-time W-2 employee.  The important thing to emphasize is that the relationship is built with our client's needs as most important.

Goodland Tech doesn't try to retain team members, force conversion costs, or take other steps to increase employer friction.  We exist to help companies build exceptional teams, and when a client determines that it wants to onboard personnel as full-time W-2 employees, we encourage them to do so while providing the flexibility they need.

What is different about Goodland Tech? We already work with a recruiting firm...

"Goodland Tech isn't a recruiting firm (we'll never offer to source candidates for a large percentage of first-year salary!), and we're definitely not a job board (no sifting through hundreds of resumes per role!). We operate differently: we help companies build teams of skilled developers who are trained to be successful in modern development environments.

Furthermore, Goodland-trained team members are oriented towards being long-term employees, which means that companies can plan and hire differently. So, GT allows companies to shift their hiring processes: instead of suffering through an endless quest for talent coupled with a rotating door, companies can partner with GT to assemble capable, dependable, effective, and long-term development teams."

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