Nov 30, 2022 Ben Coumerilh

Web3 Gaming Requires Blockchain Knowledge

Game7 announced a $100M grant program to fund Web3 blockchain-enabled games.  And it’s the sort of thing that should be an eye-opener for anyone who still thinks that Crypto and Blockchain are only about currencies.

In the 1990s web-based games took off by connecting players over the Internet.  Fifteen years ago we saw the start of what has become today’s enormous mobile gaming industry.  Just like those prior gaming revolutions required developers, marketers, and project managers to launch the games we’ve come to love, Web3 blockchain-enabled games will require the skills of those with specialized Blockchain knowledge (such as that from NWKTC’s Cloud & Crypto Computing Program!) or other expertise.  This is exactly the type of career path that will exist for participants in Goodland Tech’s educational, apprenticeship, and workplace development pathways. 

Published by Ben Coumerilh November 30, 2022
Ben Coumerilh