Apr 28, 2023 Ben Coumerilh

The Physical and Digital Collide at Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's foray into the NFT and Web3 markets is interesting not just for how the fashion company is looking to bring the physical and digital worlds together, but also for the broader market context around the Miami-based retail launch.
First, the crypto hook: Ralph Lauren is opening a retail location in Miami that will accept several types of crypto tokens as payment.  However, beyond crypto acceptance, the fashion house is looking to use NFTs to create a Web3 community: Poolsuite members will receive an NFT that will give them access to an exclusive in-person event.  And, while more details haven't been shared, the article suggests that the event won't be a one-off, but rather, the first in a series of events that will increase the value of Ralph Lauren's digital tokens because of the experiences they enable in the physical world.
Perhaps more interesting is the tone of the announcement (upbeat) in what the article's author describes as a challenging time for the crypto and NFT markets, specifically in Miami, which has been a leader in the space.  Not shying away from recent bad press in the industry (MiamiCoin down 99% since its launch, a major corporate NFT initiative stalled, and the failure of FTX leading to the Miami Heat's stadium being renamed "Miami-Dade Arena" until a new sponsor can be found), the article underscores how Ralph Lauren's offering is part of an ongoing trend: there is so much demand for crypto and NFT initiatives that companies are looking for ideal ways to connect with customers, both digitally and physically.
Published by Ben Coumerilh April 28, 2023
Ben Coumerilh