Dec 03, 2022 Ben Coumerilh

Ben Coumerilh from Goodland Tech joins the Seeking Context Podcast

There’s no place like home when Goodland Tech brings high tech to Kansas. Ben Coumerilh joins Justin Wieland from the podcast, Seeking Context, to talk all things Goodland Tech and how to pursue tech opportunities from a new perspective. 

Are you looking for a career in tech or want to find ways to break into the industry? Ben Coumerilh of Goodland Tech dives into the opportunities of pursuing a career in the tech field in Northwest Kansas on Seeking Context. Sharing his insights on providing pathways for students to secure well-paying jobs in tech without moving to one of the major tech hubs. Watch the full podcast below!


Published by Ben Coumerilh December 3, 2022
Ben Coumerilh