Nov 09, 2022 Ben Coumerilh

Blockchain Technology Needed for Visa Trademarks

A recent article highlighted Visa filing trademarks in the cryptocurrency space. The trademarks applications filed by Visa that are related to software will use blockchain technology to verify cryptocurrency transactions. One of the other trademark applications includes creating “collectible NFTs” and providing “virtual environments” for users.

Goodland Tech isn’t training lawyers to file patents, but the patents that Visa has filed tell us where they believe digital currency, blockchain, and cryptography are headed.  Goodland Tech trains software developers how to build the types of applications that Visa references, such as digital transactions, digital currency wallets, and cryptocurrency wallets.  Consider one area of the patent–“managing and verifying cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology”–and it’s easy to envision how graduates of NWKTC’s Cloud & Crypto Computing Program would be ideally suited for this work.  Consider just one specialization: a graduate of the “Blockchain” track would focus on distributed ledgers and would be uniquely qualified to guarantee the validity of information, data, and applications in any of the software products that Visa might develop.

Published by Ben Coumerilh November 9, 2022
Ben Coumerilh