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The forces that drive change never stop. Neither does innovation and business. The next wave in business has arrived. We’re in it. From crypto and Web3, to metaverse apps, coding, and UX design, the next big thing is nothing short of an entirely new economy. And the leading companies in this new economy are looking for ways to scale their visions, before they’re left behind. They know accessing talent has turned critical. Companies are looking beyond job boards to build and modernize the teams they require. They’re reaching outside of traditional recruiting to find the modern technical workforces they need to stay in the lead. 

Goodland Tech believes the best way to build something great is by doing something good. Partnering with local colleges and universities–the good places, where community exists–to enable highly talented people to succeed in the towns and cities in which they live. From these places, Goodland Tech offers a practical education combined with real-world apprenticeships in high-demand technologies. Participants get hands-on training, mentoring, and the opportunity to earn while they learn as part of an integrated workforce. Afterwards, they access high-paying, career-oriented jobs, remaining part of the integrated team of people they have learned from and respect.

Meet our leaders

Sky Goodwin

Interim CEO

Originally a Goodland native, Sky Goodwin is returning home to lead Goodland Tech. With a Master's in Business Operational Excellence, a Juris Doctorate specializing in Transactional Law, and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Sky brings more than just a passion for our local community. Sky recently merged his consulting and law practice to form Fraxional, Ltd., a firm that provides on-demand c-suite services to companies in need of expertise. He also serves as an adjunct professor for Ohio State University's Master's of Engineering Management program...

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Ben Coumerilh

Founder and COO

Ben started his career in the technology space in 1999, working his way to Technology Director at Volz Inc., a leading civil engineering company. In 2007 Ben moved to Kansas and took the position of Chief Information Officer at Northwest Kansas Technical College...

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Sky Goodwin

Interim CEO

Ben Coumerilh

Founder and COO

Our Partnerships

Innovation Center - white

Goodland Tech partnership with NWKEICI, known as the Innovation Center for Northwest Kansas, and it's considered their greatest success story in driving new jobs and revenue to the region. Our partnership is an example of private and public interests coming together to revitalize an area to provide for future generations to come.

Goodland Tech is a shining star example of how to create opportunities for growth in communities.

Scott Sproul - President and CEO


What is Goodland Tech?

Goodland.Tech is an enterprise workforce development company that transforms the lives of motivated people, the destiny of struggling communities and solves important business challenges for businesses large and small. Educating, training and building modern work teams in rural and growing communities, Goodland Tech is The Path to Possible.

Where is Goodland Tech based?

We are headquartered in Goodland Kansas and our first major successes have been in Goodland. We are expanding to other regions to be announced in the near future.

What kind of person would be interested in Goodland Tech programs?

You have a high school diploma or are about to get one, but otherwise all ages, sexes and ethnicities are welcome at Goodland Tech. You need to be self-motivated with internal desire and drive. You can be collaborative and comfortable in an on-site team environment as well as working independently. You are committed and ready-to-learn. Most importantly, you gotta love tech, what the future holds and know you can be a part of it.

Is Goodland Tech a school?

No, we are not a school. We are a strategic workforce development company that partners with tech schools to ensure the right education for students. We provide hands-on, paid intern and apprentice programs working on real projects with teams on-site. The four year program leads to a job with a career path starting at $60K - $110K a year.

How do I learn more about Goodland Tech?

Go to our contact page and complete the form. One of our counselors will reach out to you.

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