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Our Mission Statement

At Goodland Tech, we serve as the catalyst that ignites endless possibilities within America’s heartland.  Limitless is how we think, but locally is how we act, driving revitalization that impacts everybody from an individual to an entire community.

Rather than being mere spectators—we engage and inspire.

Our aim isn’t merely economic growth—it’s ensuring that prosperity reaches every corner of our nation.


What We Do

Goodland Tech operates with a focus aimed at transforming America’s heartland into a hub of technological innovation and economic growth.  We are a well-rounded and strategically focused organization that aims to bridge the gap between rural communities and the burgeoning tech industry.  The company’s approach is multi-faceted, targeting not just the workforce but also the educational system and the business community.  This comprehensive strategy addresses the entire ecosystem that contributes to economic growth and technological advancement.

To that end, we focus on workforce development by educating, training, and building modern work teams in emerging technologies.

  • Workforce Engagement:  The company’s focus on community training and rural-soruced services is our unique value proposition.  It not only provides job opportunities for our community members, but also ensures that the benefits of technological advancement are distributed more equitably.  A focus on software development and leading edge technologies ensures the training provided to the workforce continually aligns with industry needs and trends.
  • Educational Bridge:  The company actively recruits students into high-tech post-secondary education programs, creating a pipeline of talent that is both educated and aligned with industry needs.  This is crucial for long-term sustainability.
  • Holistic Education Support:  Goodland Tech provides a comprehensive suite of educational services, including the development of practicums with live client projects, leadership and mentorship programs, and community training aimed at equipping individuals for high-tech roles.
  • Sustainable Prosperity:  Goodland Tech’s emphasis on sustainability and community impact is out of a commitment to social responsibility rather than a profit motive.  

In essence, Goodland Tech is not just about economic growth; it’s about ensuring that prosperity is sustainable for all who live within the rural communities across our nation.